Louis Cloete

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Issue "C:\Users\xiany\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore3\QtWebEngine"? Xianyue賢越 5 6 dae gelede
Issue Barlines no longer spanning staves on imported MusicXML files James Brigham 3 6 dae gelede
Issue Pedal markings under grand staff can only be attached to notes in staff attached to Marc Sabatella 12 6 dae gelede
Issue order preset list to account for similar instruments on banks > 0 s.chriscollins 37 1 week gelede
Forum topic harp and piatti on playback penne vodka 30 1 week gelede
Issue Add "frame" option to text lines, to help facilitate extension lines for string numbers patspector 6 1 week gelede
Issue musescore.org hour issue joonatanrinne1 16 2 weke gelede
Handbook 3 Automatic placement Louis Cloete 0 2 weke gelede
Issue Bottom of Musescore window cut off sambaji 17 2 weke gelede
Forum topic Proper use of "how to" articles spinality 10 3 weke gelede
Issue Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash mike320 30 3 weke gelede
Issue Beam and stem of cross-staff notes don't flip chen lung 6 3 weke gelede
Blog GSoC 2019: Plugin Manager (Week 0) songchao 7 3 weke gelede
Issue Style menu: remember last selected dialog? geetar 22 3 weke gelede
Issue Selective playback in grand-staffed instruments Connor J. Anderson 8 3 weke gelede
Forum topic adding 2 additional verses in paragraph form at the bottom of the score. jamminjan 2 4 weke gelede
Issue clef change in one staff adds unnecessary spacing in other staves s.chriscollins 18 4 weke gelede
Issue Style dialog shouldn't resize when left pane is hidden Louis Cloete 10 4 weke gelede
Issue MuseScore 3.0 Plugin Creator Source Viewer line number display is truncated Joe Mc 11 4 weke gelede
Issue Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice Jojo-Schmitz 20 4 weke gelede
Issue MuseScore 3 playback stuttering with snare soundfont thatdrummerdood 7 1 maand gelede
Forum topic Keyboard nav "Quality of Life" issues Louis Cloete 43 1 maand gelede
Book page Compile instructions (Windows - Qt Creator, MSVC 2017) -- WIP Louis Cloete 0 1 maand gelede
Issue MuseJazz text messed up on import 2.x => 3.0 Louis Cloete 27 1 maand gelede
Issue Issue for issues joonatanrinne1 4 1 maand gelede