Composing on Android

• Sep 10, 2017 - 10:41

I use MuseScore on my laptop for writing music. I've just bought an Android tablet. Before I bought it, I checked and saw that MuseScore was available for it on Google Play. Now that I've installed it, I find it's something totally different - an app for accessing an online music library, not for writing music!

It does have a button for downloading a music notation app - but it's for Windows, Mac or Linux. There seems to be no version for Android, even though this Download button is present on Android.

Is there really no way I can write music on MuseScore on Android?


No, there is currently no MuseScore notation software on Android. The app description on the app store is really clear about it.

Q Can I notate music with this app?
A No, you can not. To notate music, use the free notation software available on

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