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• Jun 7, 2018 - 22:45

When anyone uses the forums on musescore.com, it shows when they submitted their post/comment in their local time. For most of you in America who see this post early, it'll appear to have been sent from the future. Or how I just saw a comment by Marc in the General Forum that appeared to be 11 hours old, which was in fact just over a minute old (shown in screenshot). I think it'd be much easier if times of posts / comments were displayed in the viewer's local time.

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Yes, I did not notice that musescore had two domains at all.
As musescore.com is currently down, I am unable to set my preferred timezone, but I still believe that this is an issue. I assume that because I don't (I can't check it, but I think i don't) have a timezone set, it still displays times as the timezone of the person who posted / commented, which means that by default the time zones are still confusing to those users. Would it not make sense to give every user a default timezone or ask them to set a timezone upon signing up to musescore? Even if they had the incorrect timezone by default, it'd still be the same across all times displayed on the site.

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@ Jojo I have thought about your answer, and it doesn't solve the OP's or my problem. Currently, if Marc Sabatella comments, it seems as if the comment was made several hours earlier, even though he just commented. I can now change my preferred time zone to Denver (Marc's location), it would appear as if you (Jojo) comments from the future.

I therefore suggest you use UCT to log the time of each comment on the server, then translate that to the requesting account's preferred time zone, or if the requesting machine isn't logged in, use its system time.

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