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• Mar 4, 2018 - 19:11

Hi everyone,
I'm currently working on GSoC project, plugin manager for Musescore. As I am undergraduate at university of Moratuwa, my semester project is also this. Therefore I have already started this project and hope to apply for the GSoC as well.

I have a new ideas regarding this project. I hope to implement online plugin store for MuseScore which users can login it to via plugin manager and developers can add plugins and add plugin updates. Is it possible to do this and I need to know your idea about my suggestion.


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Yeah... basically connecting to above mentioned page is good. But I thought of an improved online plugin store. Where user can view what are the new plugins, are there any updates, What have I already downloaded likewise. I'm only hoping to give access through plugin manager to the online plugin store. I think it's efficient way, that user will able to connect to online plugin store and get the maximum benefit of it. This is just an idea, I need to know it's possible to do.

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The plan is to make that possible. This is what the GSoC project is about, basically.
Finding and installing plugins from within MuseScore and updating them, if need be. The latter probably in the Resource Manager (which currently takes care of translation updates only), the former probably via the Plugin Manager

When you write an online plugin store, you basically mean a restful API delivering information on all the available plugins, and/or other resources.

I doubt logging into something would be needed. The API can be simply public.

It's possible to do this indeed. What is important is to write out the specs first of what you need from the API:

  • List of plugins
  • Properties of each plugin
    • Revision id
    • Url to installable plugin
    • Url to online resource
    • Date created
    • Date updated
    • Compatibility with MuseScore API

And more.

It's not an easy task to do, so you will have to look at other projects who have a similar solution already in order to learn from it.

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This is what exactly i'm trying to implement. The use-cases that I have written to design is very much similar to things that you have mentioned above. I understand that this is not an easy task to do but I'm interested in doing this.
For this online plugin store I hope to give a login as well. That login will filter developers and users and will give separate access rights to the online plugin store.
Thanks for understanding about my suggestion and giving your feedback about that.

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You can design the login flow if you want, but for a minimal viable product, this is overkill. Furthermore, it will require oauth or some other secure access token management system which is not something we are after in a first phase. Keeping it simple is important for a first step forward: a public API (no keys or auth needed) on the server side, and a functional solution on the client side which is easy to maintain.

Hi Gangani, we have started work our the server side to provide you with a restful API returning json. Keeping you posted on the progress.

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