I can't convert a PDF file to MSCZ file

• Mar 19, 2018 - 04:57

I trying to convert a PDF file to a MSCZ file, because, the sheet music it's originally in GIF image, so i converted a sheet music in a GIF image to a PDF document. And I tried to convert a PDF file to a MSCZ file, but. the word said "Unsuccessful". After 2 years ago, Everything are good and are works correctly the PDF files, and Now, why the PDF doesn't works to convert in a MSCZ file.

Somebody help me for correct this problem.


P.S. The original files are attached on this thread

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evaintro1.gif 20.17 KB
evaintro2.gif 9.92 KB


Better if you can attach the PDF's. But be aware, PDF conversion is extremely experimental, no guarantees whatsoever, and it often is very error-prone when it works at all.

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