Filtering notes, split into voices

• Mar 24, 2018 - 16:24

I really miss two things, which is found in most other notation software:
1) Filtering capability, i.e. "select bottom note", "select top note", "select voice 1" etc.
2) Make it possible to split a chord into voices, so that a chord written in voice 1 could be split into 2, 3 or 4 voices.


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Thanks - but:
1) It is not possible to select the bottom or top note of chords, which is, what you often need, when you forgot to write in 2 voices (or change your mind about the notation)
2) It is not possible to explode anything not written in voice 1. But sometimes you have a passage for choir, written in 2 systems with each 2 voices, which you would like to explode to 4 systems for easier readability for the singers. Or the other way round: Implode 4 systems to 2, maintaining the different voices.
(I am aware, that the explode-function can be done using the select-method, you mention, combined with copy/paste)

It is done easily in Sibelius or other software I know of.

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