xml issues with coda and d.s. al coda

• Mar 25, 2018 - 04:48

Hello guys
first i would like to thank musescore team for the great software they made.

i have an issue with xml exported by musescore. I m working on a software using vb net to parse xml music files and play it. I noticed somthing wrong when i exported an xml which has 2 d.s. al coda.

the xml file has included the first d.s. al coda and its related things ( coda, etc) but it totally ignored the second d.s. al coda and its coda. It is worth mentioning that both d.s. al coda are setup correctly and are playing correctly when playback in musescore.

i wonder if this is a bug or something else.. can i find a soluction for this?

thank u

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Thx for replying
thats true, whenever i have more that one d.s. al coda,, i have to edit properties of the second one to provide a new continuation point. thats is what is breaking the xml as you said.

is there anyway to solve this? or do we have to wait for the next version of musescore to get it fixed?

thanks again for your reply

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