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• Mar 29, 2018 - 22:14

What is the REFERENCE POINT when manipulating the placing of text ?


Different types of text automatically have different origins (text above stave, lyrics below etc.) and then the reference is top, left (increasing vertical offset moves the text down the page).

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Many thanks for replying. Alas I still do not know ('must be thick).
As an example, I have a number of Chord symbols (letters A, D7, Fm etc.) written above the stave, but not aligned for some reason. I can (obviously) individually line them up one by one but there could be a few dozens.
So I try to line them up in "bulk" as shown in this example:
I right click on the Chord symbol (selecting one or all seems to make no difference later) and choose
Text Style - Alingment - Vertical .... of the 4 options for the alignment of the Chord Letter with the Reference
Point, I choose the 3rd option - then set the Vertical offset to 0
press OK (or Apply)
And the Chord symbol(-s) shoot off to some unexpected location. Puzzled.
I would expect the alignment (one of four) combined with the Vertical offset of 0, to place the symbols to a predictable place, as determined by the Reference point.
It seems logical, that, as these are Chord symbols usually attached to a stave, the Reference point would be one of the stave lines, most likely the top one. I am obviously wrong.
Any thoughts on that?

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When you right click on the chord symbol and choose Text Style, adjust the Offset rather than Alignment.

You can also use the Inspector to adjust the horizontal/vertical offsets.

Please attach your score - or a snippet of it - for more specific recommendations.

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If your chords are not aligned, it must be that you already made manual adjustments. You can see these in the Inspector. Or just select then chords and hit Ctrl+R to reset to the default position for chord symbols (which is set by a combination of your Style / General / Chord Symbols and Style / Text / Chord Symbol.

The references point for almost all text is the top line of the staff, FWIW. So, that plus the general style, text style, and manual adjustment yield the final position.

I am trying to shorten a score to fit on a single page and there is an obvious (repeated) section I could somehow "call up" from a different part of the score and hopefully release the space normally taken up by the repetition.
I am thinking of something similar to a "subroutine" as used in the software programming.
I have been fiddling with the D.C. al .... and D.S. al .... features with no luck.
Am I mad or is there some legitimate way of doing this?
Please help.

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Without seeing the exact roadmap it's hard to advise, but what you are asking is more a question about music notation than MuseScore specifically. Simple roadmaps can be created with repeat barlines and DS/DC, anything else you can try to explain your intent in words and hope that musicians will understand, but fully expect train wrecks in rehearsal and/or performance if you deviate from the norms.

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