Entering lyrics in non-English (French, Russian)

• Apr 19, 2018 - 08:00

Is there an option of entering lyrics in French, Polish or Russian?


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Because from within MuseScore, there I see no way to change font for lyrics for, say, Russian font Constantine, or enter French letters with accent grave or accent circonflexe or cedille. If I change language through Control Panel's Region and Language window, then MuseScore shall fail to enter pitches by letters normally. So please explain in detail how I shall act to perform this task. Thanks in advance.

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?? You just enter them with the normal keyboard, No problem here with French accented letters (èâ). I don't have a Russian keyboard (and even if, I couldn't operate it) but it should work there too.
Whatever: it works the same as with any other program that takes text input and it is not a matter of which font is used, but which Unicode letter is entered

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It turned out that it IS possible to freely change language through Language Bar during entering lyrics. I just started a line in Russian and continued in French, and it went easily. Simply I thought this problem is similar to that of Sibelius where Russian font has to be used within English keyboard/language option, but no visible way to enter French letters. So apparently here is no problem! So MuseScore wins here the competition with Old Heavy Guys!.. My only wish now for the future - to create a plug-in for automatically entering all pedal changes in Harp like it was done in Sibelius-6 - extremely usable and sharply needed feature - for all composers writing harp pieces, sonatas and concertos.

I have a problem to enter French lyrics as you state. I can enter French letters by using English keyboards with the use of Option Keys etc. However, the problem is the French lyrics that want to enter two words (or syllables) separated by a space for a single note. E.g, see "Ver-be é-gal" and "No-tre u-nique" as the images below. There, "be é" and "tre u" are assigned to single notes, respectively. This is a problem with MuseScore, because MuseScore does not allow a space for a lyrics for a single note. If I enter a space, the lyrics moves to the next note. Maybe there is a way to allow this but I am not aware of?

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