Error [pluginDocumentation] Error -1073741701

• Apr 25, 2018 - 20:26

Hello, I´m new here and also a new plugin developer,
This is the first time that I was the tool QT Creator and also programming in QML and c++.
I will install the main source code of MuseScore, with the help of "…" and "…".
But after the first Debugging the error << [pluginDocumentation] Error -1073741701 >> came and stop the build process. I don´t know how to fix this error and I hope that someone can help me to fix this error.


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The path to Qt, for building master with 5.9.3, the following must be added to the Path environment variable in the environment in which you run the build (mentioned at…)

You can add this from within QtCreator.
1. Have the project open and go to the Projects tab
2. When in the build settings, scroll all the way down
3. The last item should be called something like 'system environment'; expand it
4. Locate the Path variable in there and edit it: Leave everything that's in it as is; just add the above mentioned in front of the existing value
5. Close QtCreator
6. Reopen it and rebuild.

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I did that with this path: C:\Qt\5.9.3\mingw53_32\bin
C:\Program Files\CMake\cmake-3.10.3-win32-x86\bin
C:\Program Files\Jack
However, the same error came back after the step 6.
I take the by the Dependencies step "this archis" and not all the other libraries like libVorbis, libVorbisFile, libOgg , Portaudio ...
I have to make also the Path form the lib and i686-w64-mingw32 from the archive into the 'system environment'?
The Path all exists. Could it be possible that I forgot a path?

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I don't recall Changing Path in the System Environment under Build Environment asking me such a thing; even more so that this setting is not CMake specific…
Anyhow, if you can choose to save modifications either on cmake or on the project, I'd advise you to always save it to the project.

Even just within MuseScore, building master requires Qt5.9, but building 2.x requires Qt5.4. They both could be using the same cmake, but definitely need different settings. Settings specific to a project should be stored on the project-level.

Just to be entirely clear I've added a screenshot of the setting I'm talking about (in the shot, building master with Qt5.9.3). All I've added upon editing Path is the highlighted part in front of what was already there.
If you've installed everything else in their default location, then you don't need to do anything more. Not even start QtCreator from a special script or anything; just run it from the start menu and open your project.

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I will then delete the file "CMakeLists.txt.user" and start over again. Should I then install CMake again because it could be that CMake have overwritten. Then I save on Project.

I already have a Path, I'm supposed to put all new Path in there, but in this Path there are still others Paths who are not dealing with QT or Camke,... .

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Thanks, that helped me. Can now build the program. It was a issue into the Path.
Just another question is it possible to run the program after the build? Because for me it is written "no executable file specified", by Run %{sourceDir}\win32install\bin\MuseScore.exe
Although the source code is open.

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During entering that value, that file indeed does not exist (yet). As you can see in the screenshot of the instruction pages, it is also in red text there to indicate this warning.

However, if your build was successful then pressing either 'Run' or 'Debug' should work.

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I use C:/Qt/5.9.3/mingw53_32 since my QT-cersion is 5.9.3 and I use the Desktop Qt 5.9.3 MinGW 32 bit, as explained in the tutorial. Does that make another difference if I use 5.9.3 or 5.9.4?

       CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX should be set to ..\win32install

Yes it is, CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set to ...\MuseScore_git\win32install

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So I have to change it?
I have Build directory "C:\Users\sam\MuseScore_git\build.qtc" and the "CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is C:/Users/sam/MuseScore_git/win32install"
Normaly MuseScore_git is my checkout directory since there are all files.
build.qtc directory and the win32install directory.

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You can try replacing the value of the Executable field (%{sourceDir}\win32install\bin\MuseScore.exe) with the full path to the built executable.
After having built, click the Browse... button on the right of that field and navigate to the MuseScore.exe that has been built.

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I use Desktop Qt 5.9.3 MinGw 32 bit
and I have now :
C:\Program Files\CMake\cmake-3.10.3-win32-x86\bin
C:\Program Files\Jack

But the error [pluginDocumentation] Error -1073741701 is still there after 75%(+-) of the build the error came.
Is it possible that i forgot somthing?

Just as an aside though; you mention you want to be a plugin developer. There is no need at all for you to try and build MuseScore for yourself then, unless you wish to work on the plugin framework and what it enables plugins to do.

OK, I know this is old but I am having this same issue and tried many different variances of Qt & C-makes and played with the settings to no avail.
Finally I got through by doing this:
1) go to your Musescore folder, then to manual folder and open up the Cmakelist.txt in notepad.
2) go find the following lines near the end and comment them out or remove it;

                       add_custom_target (pluginDocumentation
                           DEPENDS genManual

                      add_custom_command(TARGET pluginDocumentation
                     COMMAND ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/manual/${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR}/genManual 

3) Then compile and run should be free of the error << [pluginDocumentation] Error -1073741701 >>.

I have no idea what the consequence of this is. I was just wanting to modify the Piano Tutor version by Tom Cuninnotta do fix up serial port and change LED colour for sharp notes. And was stuck with above error using Qt version 9.
Note: Without doing the above, I had no error compile it using shell but got the error if I try with Qt creator. I wanted to do it in Qt Creator to play with debug function, but of course with error above I couldn't run debug. Now I can.

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