Formatting help, please.

• Jul 4, 2014 - 04:29

I am migrating to Musescore and have a bunch of Encore and MusicTime Deluxe files to convert.

I have attached a PDF made from the original, and the Musescore file.

I have not been able to shrink the last measure. Is Musescore capable of having the final measure appear as it does in the PDF? Also, I'm having a number of "collision" problems with the 8va and the slurs. It appears that version 2.0 provides for moving the 8va farther from the staff, but 1.3 does not.

I put spacers at strategic places, but if I stretch them past a certain point, the staff suddenly "jumps" down leaving a huge gap.

Musescore is a good program and will likely develop into a great one.

Thanks in advance.

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1. For shrinking the last measure, see Shoichi's 'Sluice 1.mscz' attachment where he appended a horizontal frame:

2. For the 8va and slur collision, click on the 8va to highlight it (turns blue), then drag it to a position above the slur.

3. For the 'staff suddenly jumps down', see menu item: Style / Edit General Style / Page where you can increase the Page fill threshold.

4. Instead of using the staff spacers, you can increase the Staff distance and System distance as per the same menu item and dialog as in 3. above.…
This last handbook link is one of the most important topics - which is why I referenced it twice.
Have a look at Shoichi's attachment and see how he adjusted these last two parameters for more uniformity, instead of using the staff spacers.

Regards, and welcome aboard.

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