Transcribing with "AnthemScore"

• May 17, 2018 - 01:53

Have anyone tried transcribing using the program called "AnthemScore" by Lunaverus?
I recently used the demo version of it to transcribe a music file to music notation because I have many favorite piano and semi-orchestra music but no sheet available on the web.

The program works with the implementation of trained "Neural Network" and advanced "Algorithms", of course, the program did its best with the accuracy of 96% if the music file is only consist of piano instrument alone in slower speed. The program also predicts accurate time signature, tempo and key signature which is good for beginner and experienced transcriber especially to those who have no perfect pitch talent.

Since the Musescore 3 is on development, I suggest Musescore team should also use neural network(?) to implement the (semi-)realtime MIDI notation. I don't know much of the neural network because I am still freshmen college with a degree of computer programming and also an experienced transcriber.


I have used AnthemScore. It is unable to distinguish simple notes. Give it an A, C#, and E, and AnthemScore cannot identify all of the notes --- individually or combined.

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