Combining lyrics & chords or chord sheets with standard notation

• May 17, 2018 - 22:32

Is it possible to combine standard notation with chord sheets (grilles) and / or lyrics & chords so that the score and the chords beside the score can be transposed easily together? Could I do that in MuseScore?
See attached examples
It's not essential that it looks exactly like these examples, I'm completely open for other ideas. Amarillo.png AfterYouveGone_LasseCollin.png

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Personally, I'd recommend sticking with standard notation as most people are more familiar with that and it will also be way easier. But if you do want to create something like those, you could right click a staff, Staff Properties, check "Invisible staff lines", and enter the chords directly onto the now-invisible staff. Have one staff set up that way, another set up normally enter notes and chords as desired, then use Style / General / Hide empty staves so only the staff used at any given point is shown.

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