Cannot print out scores

• May 27, 2018 - 04:31

I sure hope you can help me. As of this evening, I can no longer print out ANY of the Musescore files I have created over the past several years. I have uninstalled the latest Windows 10 update of May 13 (thinking that update caused a compatibility problem and have not reinstalled it) and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Musescore and still cannot print out any previously printable scores.

In experimenting I noticed that if I remove all lines of a score but the first line, it will print. If I restore all the other lines of music, it will not print. I do get the printing dialog box when I ask it to print previously printable score, but then nothing prints because it tells me there are no waiting printing jobs. Attached are both samples.

If I try to create a new score, it will print. I I have called both my computer technician as well as HP and both say there is nothing they can do for me as the printer does print from software other than Musescore.

I can understand my last score created (attached) for some reason being corrupted but not the fact that no scores that previously printed will no longer print. If it means anything, I keep all my scores on 4 different thumb drives (as back-ups) but cannot print from any of them. Nor can I print if I first transfer a score to the desktop.

All other features of Musescore still work, i.e., I am able to create and edit.

Please try to figure out a way for me to print out my previously printable scores!

Thank you!

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Sincere thank you for these suggestions.

I tried exporting the score to a PDF and it did print. THANK YOU! Any idea why it printed as a PDF and not from Musescore? Were any of you able to print out the full score not at a PDF but from Musescore?

No, I have not tried a factory reset since I am not familiar with that. I did click on the link and the warning about it somewhat being a last resort is a bit scary for me as I am not that computer literate.

I love Musescore, use it very often, and so long for things working like they were for me this time last week. Any additional comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Not too scary...
Warning: Reverting to factory settings removes any changes you have made to the preferences, palettes, or window settings.

If you have not added custom palettes, special keyboard shortcuts, and similar tweaks you can do a factory reset. Nothing happens to your score files, although you may have to point MuseScore to a non-default location if that's where you keep your scores.

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Sorry, I did not see this new post. Thank you for letting me know you can print the score.

So, does that leave me with trying a factory reset? I do have a editing commands in favorites palette such as finger numbers, next page, and symbols. Is this is what you mean that I would lose?

I have the doubt that the default printer is not the one 'physically' present.
Something like 'PDFcreator' for example. Check in the 'Printers' folder.
Can you print if you export your files as PDF?

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Thank you, Shoichi. Yes, I can print at least the last created score as a PDF.

Not sure what you mean by the default printer. I did have McAfee remote into my computer and he did uninstall and reinstall my printer if that tells you anything. It will print Word documents and PDFs so is that a clue that I have the correct printer configuration?

Are you able to print my full score?

Thanks again.

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Yes, it is, Shoichi, my printer appears. I have attached a screen shot.

To give you another clue, I have a lap top with Musescore on it and I cannot print from that either. Given I can print the first line of a score and not the rest, as well as that I can print a newly created score, makes me think the printer setting is correct.

Yours and anyone else's suggestions and willingness to help are very much welcome and I thank you for your patience with me. I am very grateful for the PDF conversion suggestion because I can at least print out what I have; I just don't understand how previous scores that use to easily print do not now print unless I remove several lines of music (as the previously attached samples) ; they don't even show up as being in the printing queue after I open the printing dialog box (screen shot attached) and then hit print.

Thanks again.

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I can see two of them listed and the wording 'This is a web services printer'.
How is it connected?
From the web:
The bottom of a printed page is blank or part of an image is cut off. The print job may be too complex. Follow these procedures to try to solve the problem:
Lower the resolution to 300 dpi using the printer software or driver, then resend the job.
Install additional memory for the HP printer. Refer to the printer's User's Guide for information on adding memory to the printer.

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Correct; formerly printable scores no long print, regardless of which computer I use, which thumb drive the files was saved on that I try to print from, or whether I first copy the saved thumb drive file to my desktop, it still won't print unless I delete all but the first line of music.

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My printer is connected via cable and I am the only user/account holder. New scores print.

The image was cut off only for the sake on not cluttering the print dialog box; otherwise I do not move or minimize the score before printing. I have been able to print out longer scores in the past with no problem.

Thank you.

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I tried renaming on old, once printable file, with 2.2 (the current version?) and it did not print. I did recently install the Musescore update version when I was first prompted that a new version was available (about 2-3 weeks ago?) but I am fairly confident I was able to print after that as I believe I printed last weekend.

I do not know how to open a previous MS version, if that is what you mean by 2.2.1. And, I had the previous version on my lap top last night and nothing would print from there either so I installed the MS last update on the lap top and still will not print.

Many thanks to all of you for your wiliness to keep trying to fix this problem for me.

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Two computers with the same problem with one printer leads me to believe the problem is not with MuseScore but with the printer driver somehow. I don't know if there is an option to revert the printer driver to pre-update status. I would concentrate on the printer rather than MuseScore as the problem.

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Hi, Mike.
Well, there must be a problem somewhere, as I am experiencing exactly the same problem, and it is leading me mad. I have tried lots of possible workarounds, and the problem still happening. I have tried changing to page to letter. First attempt seemed to have worked, but now still printing just blank pages.
I use Mac and the latest thing I have tried is copying the screen (shift + CMD + 4) then I drag a window to the area I want to copy. Then I did this for 10 pages of scores. Sent it to the printer (Canon Pixma MG5250) and then first page is ok. The remaining pages the notes are all hollow (white, they aren´t filled black).
Everything else prints perfect in my computer.

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In preferences it just allows me to advise whether I want single of double sided copying, color or black or white, etc. The preferences are set the same when I try to print a new score (which WILL print) and for when I try to print a previously printable score. Web services printer is just the name HP gives for their printing software.

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I only printed one line as a sample test. Attached is a full page test sample which will print.

Yes, new test scores print out fine.

Also, the sample real score dated May 26 (previously attached) was created with the new MScore updated version which tells us the new updated version is communicating with my printer as Shoichi wondered?

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On second thought, I only printed out the first line to give a clue that it made a difference when I removed some lines, wondering perhaps if I somehow corrupted lines 2 to the last lines of music. Because I am able to print out the first line of the real score, this told me that my printer setting must have been correct otherwise it would not have printed out even the first line. Yes? Whatever corruption I may have inadvertently caused the new real score, doesn't explain to me why old scores have been affected.

I feel bad having all of you spend so much this time on me. If I have to resort to printing out old files after first converting them to PDF, so be it; I am thrilled that I can do that, thanks to having offered me that option. Given you were able to print out a file I am not able to print, tells me I may still be able to send others old MS files in MS format and not first convert them to PDF (i.e., in a format they can edit with MS software and not PDF software). But if you don't mind and want to keep trying to resolve this issue for me, I will try what you suggest and accept that kindness with a very grateful heart.

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Also... If you can navigate to these folders...

the main preference file located at:
•Windows Vista or later: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\MuseScore\MuseScore2.ini
the other preferences (palette, session...) in:
•Windows Vista or later: C:\Users\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore2\

you can save them to a different location for safekeeping, then do a factory reset.

This way, if anything is missing afterwards, you can restore it.

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I just now saw this new reply -- I do not know how to do this and I do not have Windows Vista.

If I do a factory reset, what are the chances I will not even be able to open, edit, convert to PDF and then print, as I am able to do now with the old files? I have many, many old scores I have been creating over the last 3 years and would not want to risk losing any of them, thus the reason I have them backed up on four different thumb drives.

I still wonder why uninstalling and then reinstalling the latest MS version did not fix whatever I inadvertently did to cause this problem.

Another clue perhaps? --I just tried copying 4 old MS files to 4 new, blank MS score sheets, and 3 out of 4 old scores printed!

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Earlier you wrote: So, does that leave me with trying a factory reset? I do have a editing commands in favorites palette such as finger numbers, next page, and symbols. Is this is what you mean that I would lose?

Did you add those yourself to a custom workspace, or are you referring to the 'finger numbers, next page, and symbols' that came with the program?
If you did not tweak the palettes yourself, a factory reset will not change what's already there.

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If you click on my last attachment -- full page printability test -- you may be able to see, to the left of the score on the sidebar, my "favorites symbols," which I built by dragging the symbols from the master palette into "my favorite symbols" palette. Does this mean that I " added those yourself to a custom workspace?" and therefore would not lose them with a factory reset?

I tried, as Shoichi kindly suggested, to copy my favorites palette to my desktop but it was copied in a format my computer could not open so perhaps I did not copy it correctly.

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You did tweak the palettes - by adding your own symbols. Therefore, yours is no longer a 'factory installation' and so they will be lost by doing a factory reset.
If you don't have many, you would have to replace them from the master palette.
Save to a different location and restore after the factory reset.

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Sometimes strange things happen with other printer models too, you can do a simple test:
With the printer powered on, disconnect the power cord from the back of the unit.
Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
Wait at least 60 seconds.
Reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet.
(because it could be a problem with your HP font set)

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I think this problem is too hard for me to resolve and I do not want to wear out my welcome given all the time all of you have spent trying to help me. I think I will just go with printing the PDF version of old scores, have McAfee reinstall the latest Windows 10 update (which they removed last night and which I understand is necessary for the welfare of my computer), and hope for the best. I would welcome any further comments should anyone feel so inclined.

Sincere thanks once again!

I have moved my comment here.

You wrote:
Kindly clarify; the symbols were already in the master palette that I just copied, rather than my having invented new symbols. Does this still mean I "added my own" symbols?

Yes, by dragging the symbols from the master palette into a "my favorite symbols" palette (which you also must have created) you added your own symbols in the sense that now only you have your unique version of MuseScore. When someone else downloads MuseScore for the first time, those symbols are not available to them in a "my favorite symbols" palette.
The master palette, on the other hand, is available to everyone - new installations included. So a new user would have to create a "my favorite symbols" palette and drag the same symbols from the master palette into it to have their MuseScore palettes the same as yours.
(Just like you would have to do again after a factory reset --- unless you save your custom palette to a safe location and then replace it after the reset.)

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sorry, hit the send button too soon.......

Thank you, Jm, for clarifying this for me. Since I have been unsuccessful in saving my custom palette to a safe or otherwise location (attached is what happens when I click on "my favorite symbols" and select the copy option - the result which I cannot open), I will try to put off the factory reset as long as I can.

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My_favorite_symbols.mpal 1.66 KB

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Thank you. If, in the future, I do a factory reset (how is this different from uninstalling and reinstalling MS?) I will have to ask you to help me first learn how to save my favorites palette beforehand because, as you can see, I do not know what to do with .mpal file or if I was even correct in clicking on the save option in the favorites palette to generate that file.

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(how is this different from uninstalling and reinstalling MS?)

When you re-install or upgrade MuseScore, it would be a pity if all the work creating customized settings and palettes was lost -- so they are left untouched.

A factory reset, on the other hand, sets all defaults -- as when MuseScore was installed for the first time. Your scores, though, remain untouched.

Your .mpal file is safe - even as it is now on this forum. As you can see, Shoichi was able to add it to his palettes, so he now has a 'My Favorite Symbols' palette. 😂
(You can come back here if you lose it after a factory reset.)

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Thank you for this explanation.

More follow-up questions regarding: "A factory reset, on the other hand, sets all defaults -- as when MuseScore was installed for the first time. Your scores, though, remain untouched."

Since now all my old files on my thumb drives will not print (i.e., have been altered in some way as to disable printing), are these altered old files the files factory reset will try to print, or will it somehow remember the version of the old files on the thumb drives that were once printable and therefore enable printing? Perhaps we won't know until tried; if it does not work, can we undo the factory reset?

And, once reset to the very first time MS was installed, do you think I will be able to update it to the latest version of MS so I can create new scores?

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The old files on your thumb drives that will not print have nothing to do with a factory reset. (Your old file printed for me. It is not 'altered in some way as to disable printing'.)
What we are hoping for is that some setting in your copy of MuseScore no longer allows for proper printing.
A factory reset should fix this.

For undoing a reset:
You could try creating a restore point in Windows, then roll back if the factory reset is unsuccessful.

You wrote:
And, once reset to the very first time MS was installed, do you think I will be able to update it to the latest version of MS so I can create new scores?

The factory reset restores the MuseScore2 version that is on your computer, as like a fresh install for someone downloading MuseScore2 for the first time.
So, if you have the latest version, you will still have it after the reset.

(The factory reset is not going to conjure up some outdated version of MuseScore which you may have installed years ago, which will require an upgrade.)

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The real score you printed out for me dated May 26, 2018 was a new score created just before the Windows and MS updates of a few weeks ago. Old files I tried to print are less than 1 year old and I did not post any of those on this forum.

To conclude this situation at least for now, I will have my McAfee on-line tech re-install the latest Windows 10 update he uninstalled last night, and use the PDF option to print former printable scores. If I can no longer print new scores (as I now can do based on the test samples I have sent), I will try the factory reset option, hoping the reset version can still open, edit and print the once printable scores that I have painstakingly created over the last three years.

I hope this sounds like a reasonable plan...........

Thank you all very, very much!

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Please finish the Windows 10 update - especially if it's the big one everyone's talking about - in case that causes issues.

The pdf option is, as you say, an option. Printing from within MuseScore should work.
Let us know if / when you do the factory reset.

(Files less than 1 year old are barely old. I can still open and print scores made in 2012.)


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I suppose it IS the big one as it took about an hour to install and about 45 minutes to uninstall. Since tomorrow is a US holiday, previous experience tells me I should wait until Tuesday to request the update so that perhaps a more experienced overseas McAfee tech takes my call. The 3 techs that took my calls last night (I had even more problems after they uninstalled the Windows 10 update) concluded MS software was not compatible with the latest Windows update, which I find very hard to believe since there are no other similar posts on this forum and the new test scores do print. I will defend MuseScore to anyone finding fault with MS; all those involved do a fantastic job. FYI: In the not too distant past I tried to make a donation but couldn't figure out the dollars conversion and will try again after I get the Windows 10 update reinstalled. I tried to refuse the Windows update but Windows would not have that and installed it anyway.

You all have been wonderful to me -- trying to assist this damsel-in-distress :-) ! ; many, many thanks!

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