Scores for Kids (larger, colors)

• May 27, 2018 - 09:49

First, thanks a lot for such a great software!

Recently, I stumbled upon a note color scheme used for kids that can't read scores yet (attachment from To color the notes, I can select each and every note and assign color to it. Questions:
1. Is there a way to assign colors to all notes automatically? Or some tips to simplify the process?
2. Kids scores are printed larger. They are also not that complicated (one melody, no faster notes than eights, ...) -> how can I layout the notes larger?

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Thanks Shoichi for the pointer!

For 1. I was able to adapt the colornotes.qml plugin and replace the colors with the desired ones. I attached the modified file, use at your own risk.

For 2. I selected the complete score (Ctrl-A), selected "Stave Properties", and set "Scale" to a larger value, like 150%

What a great software and community!

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Very cool to see others creating different ways to learn or read music in a new way. :) I created a system to learn how to note read on piano and violin using shapes and colors... I used photoshop to create the sheet music (which wasn't fast or quick but hey, twas worth it) and then I took the photo images and made videos to teach the music that I created on photo shop to learn how to read music...if you can read letters in a book, you're able to read the sheet music I created for level 1 (the easiest level)...I attached a file so you can see what I mean...but in nut shell, it's easy for kids to read and is big and colorful so that a person who has never had a music lesson in their life can sit down and be able to play a song within half an hour... :) Here's a link if you'd like to see or are interested.
for playing "99 bottles of beer on the wall" (but there are other songs too if the beer concept is offensive to you like "puff the magic dragon, jeopardy theme song, star wars theme song, yellow submarine, etc" on the piano with shapes and colors)

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