Chord Building using ALT-Keypad - Free bonus tied chord!

• May 28, 2018 - 12:50


The bug I have is when I build a chord using ALT and the numeric keypad.

I enter a note and then press and hold ALT followed by the key pad 4 and then 3, I get my chord and then the chord gets added again with ties to the first chord. If I release the ALT key between the 3 & 4 or if I use the normal number keys, it does not do it.

It has happened on other chord combinations, but I can't remember them at the moment. Adding a 4th and then 3rd is the most common.

It's not a huge bug, but it does interrupt the flow when typesetting a lot of Piano music.

Can others replicate this?



Very likely a windows-only issue.
Alt+43 (on the numeric keypad) is a way in windows to write the '+' character. MuseScore thus receives the following keystrokes:
* Alt: nothing to do, highlight the menu shortcuts
* Alt+4: adds note to chord
* Alt+3: adds note to chord
* + (sent as a consequence of typing Alt+43): tie command

a funky pattern for the 4 note chords in a minor key. :)
take the last three letters of the chord before the previous chord,
and add the first letter of the previous chord
to get the next chord...
For example in A minor, one could take the CEG (last three letters of chord i "ACEG") and then take the first letter of the previous chord which would be B (first letter of chord ii dim BDFA) to get the letter notes for chord III (CEG+ B = CEGB)...etc.

i. a(CEG)
iidim. (B)dfa
iv. dfaC
v. EGBd
VI. faCE

snazzy eh?

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