repeat sign - key strokes ?

• May 31, 2018 - 23:31

what are the keystrokes needed to apply the ./. repeat sign , for instance : to measures 37 to 39 in score attached ? thanks and regards

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There is no where to place the symbol you are referring to in measures 37-39. If your goal is to repeat those measures then place the same bar as at the end of measure 33 to measure 39. Select measure 39 and double click the barline. If this isn't right then you need to show an example of what you are trying to do.

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(i attached a picture of the symbol in my original message)

so does this mean that the repeat sign appears in the workspace just for decoration purposes?

in other words : where can one place the symbol ?

or worded differently yet, one would expect to be able to place the symbol in the same location as the chord symbols

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Sorry, the question made no sense to me in the original post.

You can place this symbol in an empty measure and the previous measure will be repeated. It will play properly, but currently can only be used on a singe measure. It can be used in several successive measures if you like.

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Thank you for the referral. the suggestion by another user to insert the % sign after hitting the chord symbol insertion command is useful. There also is high value in the remark that many musicians DO rely on the presence of the repeat sign in chord notation.

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