Doubling of barlines and time signatures

• Jul 6, 2014 - 12:23

Is this behavior normal, or it is a bug in MuseScore 2.0 nightly?




#1 is normal /correct notation - that's called a courtesy time signature, and it's required by the rules of proper music notation as without it, most people reading the score would miss the change. However, if you wish to turn it off for some special purpose (like creating exercsise sheets not meant to be read straight though), you can - globally for the whole score via Style / General or for any individual change via right click menu and/or the Inspector.

For #2, that's a known bu that will hopefully be fixed. See #18510: incorrect barlines with start repeat at beginning of system. Although so far, I think I had only seen it in cases where multimeasure rests were involved. You might want to post your score so we can see if there is something special about it triggering this problem.

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FWIW, the problem didn't actually correct itself, it just got masked because the tart repeat was no longer as the beginning of the system. If I change things around to so measure 32 starts a line, I get the double repeat again. if I delete the one at the start of the system, the extra one at the end of the previous system remains. But if I delete that too, then add another, everything is fine.

So it would be interesting to figure out how the score got in this state to try to reproduce it from scratch. I'm hoping maybe there were multimeasure rests involved at some point, which could mean this is just another side effect of #18510: incorrect barlines with start repeat at beginning of system and will be fixed when that is, but that's probably wishful thinking.

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