ukulele tab maken noten invoer

• Jun 10, 2018 - 15:02

I tried everything. At the end I bought the book"Mastering MuseScore". I still do not manage.

I saw it is in the program (Gitaar staff + TAB linked).
If I select in Instruments "ukulele"and "ukulele tab' , the box 'ad linked' is not active.

PLease help!


See: Template uke + Tab.mscz

To achieve this. In the Instruments dialog box:
1) Add a ukulele (standard)
2) In the right column, click on "Staff1", it turns blue (and not on the instrument name itself)

Result: the "Add linked staff" tab becomes active

3) So, add a linked staff
4) In the dropdown list (right column always), change the staff type of the added staff (so, Tab. ukulele instead of Standard) -> Finish
And keep this configuration as a template (as above) for reuse.

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