Happy Trumpeter - Bert Kaempfert (Wind Ensemble)

• Jun 13, 2018 - 12:07

I cannot see this score I have submitted today. I have not received confirmation that the score has been uploaded.

Although, some people have even viewed it and some have downloaded it.

Is it just by me, or are they just taking a chance?

I have re-submitted it two or three times, without success.

Please assist?



Measure 67, for Trombone 1 is incomplete. There is a sixteenth note that should be an eighth note.

Also noticed, need to add the ties to match Trombone 2.

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Dear Helper Group. Thank you. This was actually the solution to my problem. I saw that, but could not change it then, instead of copying the 2nd trombone's part to the 1st trbn and then just let the latter play a middle C. Thereafter, I was able to publish it.

Many thanks

NOT FOUND: Happy_Trumpeter_-Bert_Kampfert(Wind_Ensemble)-1.png I don't understand, MS says measure 67 bad, For me it is a good measure, but measure 66 is bad. NOT FOUND: Happy_Trumpeter_-Bert_Kampfert(Wind_Ensemble)-1.png

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