16 channel audio out

• Jun 13, 2018 - 19:03

I have been mixing and internal recording 2 channel stereo pairs using either joint msc/synthfont or msc'/msc midi import files with different soundfonts. It would be nice to also have the option of 16 audio channels out. Mixing could then take place externally. You would have to tinker with Fluid's interface. I have no idea how to do it. I love the program anyway.


MuseScore is more of a music notation application and less of a 'recording studio'.
If you have a score with 16 instruments you can generate 16 parts, then export separate audio (or midi) for each instrument to use in your 'recording studio' software.
For example, you can create 16 wav files and mix in Audacity.


if one already had 16 channels but did an instrument change for one of the channels, would it still count as 16 channels or 17 channels with the instrument change for a part?
What about the same thing for doing a sound change rather than an instrument change? Thanks.
Also, does having link instrument parts (for instance winds) verses separate instruments (flute and oboe) help with balancing out more parts so that every part is heard more easily? (like if I were to have strings to replace the violin and cello, and winds to replace the flute and oboe part instead, would that help with being able to hear all the parts for an orchrestra techno kinda song? Thanks)

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