• Jun 17, 2018 - 07:59

How does one determine the tempo for say Allegretto in terms of beats per minute and for different time signatures. Although I can get a value of bpm off the Internet, I don't know when to use the crotchet or quaver etc. as the basis for beats per minute, say for 6/8 time or anything other than 4/4 time where the crotchet is standard, Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.


BPM equates to quarter-notes (crotchets) per minute and not to beats of the conductor's baton. In 2/4 and 4/4 time 120 BPM gives you 120 crotchets per minute. If you were writing a march, say, in 6/8 and wanted the tempo to sound the same then you would need to set BPM to 180 because that would give you 180 crotchets per minute = 360 quavers per minute = 120 groups of three quavers or dotted crotchets.


I look for this piece on You Tube, for me, it's 128/mn. We are in 2 times, in the beginning in 6/8 and after in 2/4, but always 2 times, beginning in "ternaire" in French, like Swing, and after in "binaire" like rock. The tempo is the same, 1 beat for 1 time, so I write for the beginning : Dotted quater note with 128, and quater note with 128 for the end and it's OK

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