Is this already possible in MuseScore?

• Jun 22, 2018 - 22:53


Everything in that picture is possible. What part do you not know how to do? Perhaps you can post an actual score with what is missing.

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Taken in isolation I would say that in this case it is possible because the measures overlap by exactly 1 beat. You can merge the two measures (edit->measures->Join selected measures) then use the barline palette to put the barlines, pressing ctrl while dragging them, to the correct spots. You may need to put some more space after the chords using the inspector to make room here or there. That leaves the most difficult part of adding the 4/4 time signatures and the treble clef. In both of these cases I would use staff text to make the symbols since you have total control over their sizes and they are only decorations to MuseScore. While entering the staff text press F2 to open the special characters palette and you can add the appropriate symbols. One thing that will make room for some of this is to add the treble clef in the left hand, select it and make it invisible. This will force the barline further to the left. You can put your staff text on top of it and you wont be able to see it. Uncheck Show invisible in the View menu to make it totally not seen. You may also need to move the barline some more in the inspector to make it look right and line up.

The big question is what will happen after this? I don't know. You cannot have two 4/4 measures starting on different beats in MuseScore. You may need to merge more measures and insert more barlines to keep this offset going. Also, if there are long runs of 8th or shorter notes you will need to manually adjust the beaming if you don't want them all connected.

I hope this helps. If there are any more questions feel free to ask. What you want to do is a bit complicated, but once you figure it out it's not too bad.

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