Basic keyboard diagrams as chord representations?

• Jun 25, 2018 - 13:19

Not sure if this is a feature request or not. I am a saxophone player trying to learn chords and some keyboard. Is it possible to have basic keyboard diagrams as chord representations below each measure? Looking at the attached file, the chords in the progression are written as notes and are named as chords, and then the progression is inverted. However, I would also like to have basic keyboard diagrams below each chord that represent the nearest keys, so that I can orientate myself.

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If by "basic keyboard diagrams" you mean some sort of picture, that's not a standard bit of music notation, so there is no built in way to do that. But if you can construct a graphic in some other program and save it as PNG or SVG, you can drag & drop it to your score.

Show the onscreen keyboard.
Use a screen capture program (snipping tool on windows)
select the chord in the measure
The keys on the onscreen piano will be highlighted.
Use the screen capture to grab the pic of the keyboard
Copy to the system clipboard
Add a vertical text frame to the score on the selected measure.
Paste the captured image on the frame.
Position the image where you want it (drag it to the place)
You can resize the image.

It is tedious but you can build up a pallet of them over time.

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