chord symbols (fill with slashes)

• Jun 29, 2018 - 04:13

I have just inserted chord symbols in measures of rest for the first time, using the handbook:

The handbook illustrations show measures with slashes - I (naively) expected the slashes to automatically replace the rests when a chord symbol was entered. It took awhile before I stumbled onto a successful search phrase: 'fill measure with slashes'.

It would be useful to include a note about 'filling measures with slashes' (edit > tools > fill with slashes) in the 'chord symbols' section of the handbook. Thank you.


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Is there a way to hide slashes when they are used only in some bars? I am trying to use slashes in order to make entering chord names on right beat easier and faster. It is - but I would like to hide the slashes after entering the chords. I cannot find a way to do this without messing up the melody.

I'm using version on Ubuntu.

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