The New MDL sounds leave lots to be desired.

• Jul 10, 2018 - 18:01

For a long time now musescore has had very adequate percussive sounds, even though notation was limited. When I saw that Musescore released a drumline I was enthusiastic. I quickly downloaded the update to find out what a large disappointment it was. I understand that Musescore is a free program and is supposed to be accessible over high quality but I feel as if these sounds weren't even properly created. Snare sounds over partials are uneven and i can't even use the added notation the correct way as intended.(Front Ensemble and Marching Notation such as Stick or mallet type don't even have a function and buzz rolls don't even work on the old snare which was a perfectly good sounding snare. It just feels as if Musescore are trying to satisfy the masses with under-worked updates and plastic-y sounding drums that are way too quiet to be anywhere useful. Bass 1 sounds like a high tuned bass 1 with sand in it. I've used this program through different accounts for years now and i just want to see progression not regression.


Detailed response in this thread -

MDL is a work in progress.

Here are examples of updated sounds/articulations for the next release... which will be out this week:…

All instruments have been adjusted in terms of balance and will rapidly iterate and continually adjust based on feedback.

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