Musescore nightly MDL scores doesn't work with latest musescore

• Jul 11, 2018 - 20:11

As title says, I notated some cadences for my line with musescore nightly (a 2.3.0 unstable build). When i open up the scores in the new musescore with the new MDL plugin the playback is messed up. Is there any way i can transfer over the scores? They're quite simple so redoing them wouldn't be hard but i would really rather not do that. One of the cadences is included.

Also musescore takes a LONG time to load now. maybe 45 seconds even, in comparison to earlier musescore which loaded in 4 or 5 seconds. Lots of unordinary ram and CPU usage a well,.

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Sweaty + Breakdown Cadence.mscz 45.83 KB


Long startup is normal with the MDL soundfonts loaded, unfortunately.

I can't really answer about transferring scores from a nightly, but I know the MDL stuff was in pretty constant flux up until the last minute, so it wouldn't surprise me that scores created even a few days before release wouldn't work completely in the final version.

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