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• Jul 15, 2018 - 02:46

Hi everyone,

I have a set of lyrics added to a score. All the words highlight in blue but there is one set of measures (one measure in four vocal parts) where they highlight in green. I can't add a hyphen to one of the words in one of those measures. What does the green color mean and how can I add the hyphen?




Green is the color for voice 2. You must have attached those particular lyrics to note in voices 2 (eg, alto as opposed to soprano, or bass as opposed to tenor) whereas the rest of the lyrics are in voie 1. And indeed, you can't hyphenate two syllables in different voices. Wouldn't make sense to anyhow - voice 1 would be sung by different singers than voices 2. So probably you entered these syllables into voice 2 by mistake. Easiest would be to just delete them and add them correctly to the voice 1 notes.

If that doesn't help, please attach your score and we can assist better.

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Thanks, Marc. I noticed the green color of the text and notes for only a couple of measures and then realized the stems of those notes were incorrect. So I deleted the affected measures and re-inserted the measures along with the notes and lyrics and that fixed the problem. I then made sure the notes and lyrics in every measure showed blue. This is a good way of flagging improper formatting. I had originally switched the lines of two parts and had to transpose them as well, so there may have been a mismatch on my part in the process. I appreciate your timely reply.


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