is it possible to modify "note names" plugin to show personial note

• Jul 16, 2018 - 16:12

is it possible to modify note names plugin
to make one pitch one personal note match
like the file below
it is for Chinese instruments reading like pipa(琵琶) erhu(二胡) etc..

for example
C3/ 1.
Cb3/ b1.
D3/ 2.
E3/ 3.
F3/ 4.
G3/ 5.
A3/ 6.
B3/ 7.
C4/ 1
D4/ 2
E4/ 3
Eb4/ b3
F4/ 4
G4/ 5
A4/ 6
B4/ 7
C5/ .1
D5/ .2
E5/ .3
F5/ .4
G5/ .5
A5/ .6
B5/ .7

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There is no doubt a plugin could be written that would do this. The question is, are wanting to write it or do you want someone else to?

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