Compressing multiple bars: v2.1, Win 10

• Jul 22, 2018 - 01:20

Hi, all,

Trying to get some very spread-out bars to compress so I can compress a three-page score down to two. Layout>Decrease Stretch seems to work only on one bar at a time. I can't compress, say, both of the bars at the bottom of page 1 here so I can pull measures over from page 2, so as to get rid of page 3. Possible in 2.1?

(I'm trying to cut this down so the guitarists don't have to deal with page turns or pages running off the stand. And I'm running 2.1 because I'm [1] moving shortly and [2] upgrading to a new computer once I do.)



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You can select the entire score at once and use reduce stretch on every measure in the score. This is limited in how much it will compress the measures though. If this doesn't compress enough, then you will want to reset the stretch and use Layout->Page settings... and decrease the scaling.

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