Put music pieces in alphabetical order

• Aug 5, 2018 - 15:10

I use the Musescore Score list a lot. I put all my music on this site and use my songbook to read these pieces while playing on my Tablet. I find it difficult that not all these pieces are in alphabetical order. So all the pieces of Bach, or Sammartini together and not mixed up. Then I should have from Bach. Now it is so that, for example, Morly, Sammartin, Bitti, and Bach are intertwined. Is it possible to alphabetize it on my Score list?
Kind regards
FredPaul Vogel


"My Scores" on musescore.com can get sorted by create date or title and as of newest by update date. That is not necessarily true for the songbook app though. However nothing about this is topical here on musescore.org

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