MuseScore 64bit on Windows

• Aug 23, 2018 - 09:13
[2018-08-24 00:00 GMT+2]


[2018-08-23 16:00 GMT+2]

We do have a known issue related to last 64-bit builds:
Applying solution is in progress. We will update this topic once it is fixed.

[2018-08-23 13:30 GMT+2]
  • Migration completed successfully.
  • AppVeyor builds MuseScore 3.0 64-bit version.
  • Instructions have been updated respectively.


  • Everyone who already works with Visual Studio has to update dependencies folder content:
    • Downloading actual archive
    • Delete dependencies folder in your MuseScore workspace
    • Unpack the archive to your MuseScore folder
  • Clean the environment
    • run msvc_build.bat clean or remove all msvc.* folders manually
  • Update Qt libs using the QtMaintenanceTool.exe locating at C:\Qt
  • Don't forget to change the path to the qt libs in your PATH variable. Actual qt libs location is probably C:\Qt\5.9.6\msvc2017_64\bin
  • Generate the project again by following the instructions

We do have known issue regarding popping noise during playback in current MuseScore version.

[2018-08-23 10:30 GMT+2]

We are switching from mingw to msvc to make MuseScore Connect available in 3.0. Read more in the related forum topic.

Unfortunately, performance of the MSVC 32-bit compilation is far from ideal, so we decided to switch default compilation toolchain to 64bit.

Migration to 64bit toolchain is in progress now, so AppVeyor builds could be unavailable for a short time.
Once migration is completed, AppVeyor will build 64bit MuseScore.
Instructions related to building MuseScore with Visual Studio will be updated. In particular, will be updated, so it will be mandatory to upload and unzip new archive.

Once migration is completed, we will update this post with actual references and news.


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