Need help with voicing notes~

• Jul 11, 2014 - 20:37

By voicing I mean using the voices feature in Musescore, and not varying chords.

I am just learning music theory (for fun) and also started using Musescore to get the hang of the program by basically copying notes from original compositions. Already I am stumped on this endeavor to write Erik Satie's Gymnopedie 1.

Here is the link to the composition that I am copying from. (You will have to download or view the pdf file).

The problem for me lies in the 5th measure of the treble staff. There is a chord that plays after the quarter rest. (B, D, F#, F#). Three of these notes are half notes, while the very top note is a quarter note. Even though the four notes are not aligned perfectly on the music sheet, they are still played at the same time, so I am guessing it is a chord (correct me if I'am wrong here).

Now comes the real issue at hand. Because I assume the four notes is a chord but with two different note duration (quarter and half note), I used the voices feature in Musescore to allow the chord with two different note duration to be inputted. Unfortunately the moment I click on the '2' button the software immediately puts the cursor at the beginning of the 5th measure, where the quarter rest lies. I need to add notes underneath the quarter F# note to complete the chord which I cannot do because, again, I can only add notes at the very beginning of the measure.

Can anyone help me?


When you are adding the second voice, imagine that you are starting with a fresh measure, to place the notes for voice two in the appropriate position, you still need to add rests to the beginning of the measure, to fill the space prior to the chord.
This you would need to do no matter how many voices you add to the measure.
the same applies in any measure where multiple voices are used, rests are needed for every voice where applicable.
I am using Musescore for the very same reason, to teach myself music theory, and to create the occasional backing track for my singing.

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