Tutorials [Message for Devs]

• Aug 25, 2018 - 17:35

Dear Musescore Team,

I have used musescore since May of 2016 after discovering the art of composition. After two years of using the software, I can finally say that I have become very proficient with its use. No matter what others may say, I have been able to deliver scores that meet publisher standards through much experimentation with the software. I hate to see people downplay it and whenever I have the opportunity, I always promote musescore and its capabilities to any emerging composers that I meet like myself. As someone who is also proficient with youtube and video production, I am looking to making a tutorial series in order to highlight everything you can do with this software. With this being said, I feel it is appropriate to see if we could form a partnership where I can lend my services of producing high quality tutorials under your team's approval / backing. I stress highly that this has nothing to do with money as I do not want any nor do I think it is necessary, but simply about promoting musescore and its capabilities more clearly to the public. I hope this email is not bothersome as I know your team works very hard.

Please do not refer to the scores on my page as they are not formatted properly and are not examples of what I have done with musescore.

I can be reached by email: Isaacschein@gmail.com


Thanks for your comments! I am the Director of Education for MuseScore and I definitely encourage the creation of more tutorials and other educational materials. I will contact you offline to discuss possibilities further, but wanted to acknowledge your message publicly as well!

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