Pixel size for cover art to fill the entire page perfectly w/o manual resizing.

• Aug 28, 2018 - 21:12

So, I am trying to bring a fresh image to my music and what I am noticing is the rise of cover art which looks really sharp. So my questions is, what size should my final image be in pixels to fully cover a US letter page score. Thanks.


Depends on how you will be doing the printing - eg, a color inkjet versus a traditional four-color separation at a professional print shop are two entirely different things. But a reasonable rule of thumb is to have images at at 300 DPI even if it isn't all actually used (much professional color printing is lower resolution than that ) or if more could theoretically be handled (many printers will claim support for 600 DPI or more).

8.5 x 200 = 2550, 11 x 300 = 3300. So, 2550x3300 would be good.

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