Add a bass clef to a fake book score

• Aug 31, 2018 - 10:14

I write a plugin that adds a left hand accompaniment to a fake book score. I know how to add a base clef through the Edit/Instrument Dialog; but what is the way to do it programmatically? Surely it's not curScore.appendPart.
The only difference that I found is that a grand staff has eight voices while a "normal" treble staff has only four. Is there a way to add the other four voices?


I'm sure there will be interested in your plugin, I do hope you share it here!

A grand staff is normally a single instrument with two staves but each staff still has only four voices. I assume appendPart would add a second instrument with a single staff. Realistically, that's probably just as good if not better, though. By adding the accompaniment as a separate instrument, it can be controlled separately in terms of muting (using View / Mixer) and visibility (in Edit / Instruments). So really, you're doing your users a favor by implementing it that way, I think. Only real downside is the barlines wouldn't connect by default, and there probably isn't a way to do that programmatically although I can't swear to that.

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