fret diagram - copy ?

• Sep 1, 2018 - 23:08

In ver 2.0.2
1) can I copy a fret diagram in score to "MyPallets"? I have a score with LOTS of diagrams and would like not to re-create them.
2) I see lots in Handbook about editing fret diagrams in pallet, but don't see the "how to save" sentence. Maybe if I tried to edit one, the "save" would be obvious?
3) how do I tell if "MyPallets" is a custom pallet? (if so, I should have used a better name)


Dick Penny


  1. & 2. To add an existing score element (such as a line, text, dynamic, fretboard diagram etc.) to a custom palette:
    Press and hold Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift), then drag the symbol onto the palette.

  2. If you named your palette 'My Palettes' and if you now have 'Basic', 'Advanced', and 'My Palettes' available, then you created a custom workspace in which you can customize the palettes it contains.
    You could call it anything you desire. Mine, I named 'Custom' :-)


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You wrote:
Perhaps a link within "customizing frets" to "saving pallets" should be added?


There the first sentence reads: "A range of fretboard (or chord) diagrams for the guitar are pre-provided in the Fretboard Diagrams palette in the Advanced Workspace (versions prior to 2.0.3 feature only one diagram)."

and the second sentence reads: "You can create a chord diagram for any fretted, stringed instrument by editing an existing one. It can be saved to a custom palette for future use if required."

On that same handbook page, the words custom palette, when clicked on, do in fact link to here:…


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