• Sep 4, 2018 - 18:00

I have the latest version of MuseScore, an HP computer with Windows 10. I have worked with MusiScore already nearly eight years, mostly to my satisfaction. For Lyrics I follow the following procedure:
a. I type the Poem I want to use in a regular way in Word (365 Office);
b. Then I rename the poem as Lyrics;
c. Then I hyphenate the poem like this: The win- ter time ma- ny birds spend in sou- thern states …
d. I hit Control-A to highlight the lyrics;
e. I hit Control-C to copy the lyrics;
f. Now I go to my score, where I click on the note with which to start the Lyrics;
g. I hit Control-L and then put the syllables underneath the notes by continuously hitting Control-V.
My problem is, that putting the syllables underneath the notes goes VERY slow.
Is there a solution for speeding that up???


It might be quicker to do it the other way round: enter all the lyrics syllables to the score, then use "Copy Lyrics to Clipboard" and paste that into some editor (like Word), this will automagically lose the dashes and melismas

If you want to avoid continuously pressing Ctrl-V, you could use AutoHotkey to send the clipboard content as a series of keystrokes emulating keyboard typing.

Google and install AutoHotkey and then modify its startup AutoHotkey.ini file by adding the code attached below. It uses Win-Ctrl-V to trigger the action but you can assign it to any key.

-- cut here -----------------------------------------------------------------------
; Send keystrokes (lyrics) to MuseScore
c := clipboard
m := "Send the content of clipboard as keystrokes?`n"
m := m "____________________________________________________________________________________`n`n"
MsgBox 1, % "Clipboard as keystrokes", % m c
IfMsgBox OK
    ; SendInput may work faster but it has 5000 characters limit
    if (StrLen(c) < 0)
        SendInput % c
        Send % c
c := 
m :=
-- cut here -----------------------------------------------------------------------

I usually type the lyrics in MuseScore but sometimes I use some online tools to hyphenate longer lyrics and then paste the results using AutoHotkey "special MuseScore paste".

Occasionally, for spellchecking, I'm exporting all lyrics as text using an AWK script (which preserves all hyphens, underscores and non-breaking spaces) and then use Microsoft Word to find misspelled words. If there are only few mistakes I correct them in MuseScore but if there are many, I'm correcting them in the text editor and pasting the updated text using AutoHotkey.

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