grace notes

• Sep 6, 2018 - 15:18

I am copying a 4/4 piece that has chords of two minims on a beam these are preceded by a chord of two beamed grace notes I can enter one grace note with no problem but the second will not stay in the chord and plays separately. is there a way of beaming them together? Terry.


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Sweet. Just what I needed to learn. Thx. Just finishing transcribing my very first song ever from start to finish. Ain't perfect, but I got the base line, then the melody and just completing the harmonization. The hardest for me as it was Pat Metheny on guitar playing The Beatles "And I love her." The chords are very challenging for me to pick out/reproduce on the piano; as are the strums and plucks of course. But your post really helped me get the grace note sound close to the guitar pluck/bend. Thx again.

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