What about better piano-roll features?

• Sep 10, 2018 - 14:51

Can I hope in some improvement as regards the piano-roll in MuseScore? The piano-roll is a powerful tool both as an "inspecting" thing and as an editing one. It's not by chance that it is implemented in so many pieces of software devoted to music creation. I know that MuseScore is a notation software, not a sequencer nor a DAW and I'm happy with this -- choose ONE job and do it well -- nevertheless, the ability to edit with ease a small set of features via the piano-roll could be welcome by many people, I think. As an example, a small set of click-and-drag editing capabilities could regard changing the velocity, playback length and pitch of notes. What I'm arguing is NOT that MuseScore's piano-roll has to be transformed into Logic piano-roll (too many features, useless and maybe confusing in our context), but an ESSENTIAL set of EASILY accessible basic editing features that one can use in a FAST and immediate way could be a Good Thing. Is this a hard-to-achieve programming task? If it is not, please take my suggestion into account.

Just my two cents.
Thanks for reading.


You'll be glad to know that a recently a contributor (blackears) has indeed started working on making the pianoroll editor more stable and some basic editing features.
His work is still in early development though.

A good (and, I bet, not so hard to achieve) feature could be allowing click-and-drag increment/decrement of the numeric values for velocity, pitch and so on. Some time ago, in Logic it was called "use mouse as slider" or something like that. The ability to insert the numeric values via the PC keyboard could be preserved using double-click to make the fields common editable ones, while Enter could accept the value and turn the field back to a click-and-drag thing again.

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