Sfz Piano to Sf2

• Sep 11, 2018 - 13:39

Hi all, i found this Sfz piano on one of my old usb sticks.
I remember that i had found it on a list of free legal Sfz instruments (maybe on bedroomproducers ?).
Could any of you be so kind to convert it to Sf2 format which is to me more convenient to use in various Sf2 players rather than in Sforzando.
And maybe also, if possible, make a little "brighter" version of it ?


I'm pretty sure this is the University of Iowa Steinway. I converted a version of this to sf2 some time back including adding some more velocity dynamics and including a bit on resonance. Its a 199mb version (I looped the far tail ends of the sounds which were near silent to save space.
You can download it from here:
or see my Site and scoll down to the piano section and find it there:

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Thank you Jonky Ponky,
I love your site and most of your soundfonts but as for the Iowa Steinway (you are right, i remember now, it is the one) i prefer how it sounds originaly in Sfz with this dark and "cinematic" touch, like an "ambient" piano,
Your version is good as well but Imo doesn't keep those original caracteristics.

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