Implode version 3.0

• Sep 17, 2018 - 03:14

I don't think I like the new 3.0 implode for one main reason. If you implode 3 staves, you get 3 voices. Select the staff with 3 voices and implode you are left with voice 1 containing the former voices 1 & 2 with voice 3 still there and no way to simply implode it into voice 1.

I was surprised when I used implode and ended up with 2 voices, but I decided that's actually convenient. Knowing that in version 2 you could implode the two voices into one, I tried it in version 3 with satisfactory results.

I think voice 3 hanging out there needs to be fixed and it will be a good tool.


Hey mike320,
The problem is, that you might have different rhythms in your third staff. The actual behavior aims at not loosing information. So voice 1 and 2 seem to have the same rhythm and voice 3 a different. I can't reproduce the behavior you described using three staffs with the same rhythm. If possible please provide further information (screenshot, mscz-file).
Thank you

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