Help with Apple iPad use?

• Sep 21, 2018 - 16:36

Very much a beginner here my friends please bear with me.

When using my iPad 4:

The 'Loop Play' - when I try this on my scores, a little popup window appears and says:

'START MEASURE - Long press the measure where the loop should start'

I press and hold where I want Loop to begin, but nothing happens. Can anyone assist?

Another small issue - I can navigate the Play cursor (shows as a red vertical line) to a note by a long press-and-hold, however it often sets the cursor to the staff above or below where I was actually pressing on the screen.

My iPad is old, I am stuck at iOS 10.3.3, not sure if that's the reason.


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Jojo, thanks for this link. I think this is the second or third time I had to be lucky enough to find your reference to where to find iOS help.

I've spent quite a while trying to figure out how I or anyone could discover that link you posted (via navigation, Google, etc) without knowing it a priori, and I haven't found a way. Is it possible to make the iOS documentation and support more self-evident from the top-level MuseScore web pages?


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