Capoed chords position

• Sep 24, 2018 - 11:17

I'd like to be able to place capoed chords above the non-capoed ones, as opposed to after them and to have a text (similar to the one for adjusting the tempo) to adjust the position of the capo without the need of opening a dialog box.


For now, the way to do that would be to enter the second set of chords separately, perhaps in another voice, and move them either by selecting them and using the Inpector or by assigning them a custom text style. If you do a search of this forum you'll find previus discussions of the topic with more specific examples and suggestions. For example, see

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@odetospot. You may have already figure this out, but just in case you didn't get to it yet, near the end of the topic in the link shared by Marc, there is another link to download a file which makes use of those suggestions. If you decide to download it, please go to "view" menu and then enable the option to "show invisible" so you can see the "additional" staff, (added as a second instrument) and all the manipulation made to it.

I hope this helps. G.

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