Alternative way of notating tremolo and...

• Jul 14, 2014 - 21:15

Okay I have two question.
1. In the .png I've attached you can see some different ways to notate tremolo. Is it possible to notate tremolo as the first of the examples, with two half-notes and beams? I think i looks nicer.

2. I know this question have been asked before, and it wasn't possible, but it's long time ago, so perhaps something have changed in the meantime. Staff type change: how do I change the number of lines in a staff at any point? That means also having the options of a no-line staff (specially neat for long tacets).


1. Is possible, but not especially easy and don't expect good playback results. But try entering two thirty-second notes, then changing the noteheads via Note Properties in the right click menu, and adjust the total length of the measure accordingly via right click menu / Measure Properties.

2. Still not possible directly, but if you want the change to occur at a system boundary, you can fake it by having two separate staves and using the Hide Empty Staves option in Style / Edit General Style.

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