Using Korg M50 as playback device for multiple instrument score

• Sep 27, 2018 - 18:31

Hi, I have created a Musescore piece with multiple instruments (on separate staves). When I want to play it back through my Korg M50 music station, no sound comes out. I can play back a score with only one instrument, so the playback works and Musescore recognizes the M50 as the playback device. It is connected to the computer via usb. My Musescore version is 2.3.2 Rev 4592407

What I would like to have musescore do is to assign each instrument in my Musescore score to a different instrument on the Korg M50. How do I go about that? I have not worked much with midi before, so I don't know how to assign each staff in musescore to a midi channel on the M50. Is that possible?

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Basically, how do I associate particular MIDI channels to particular Musescore Tracks (Staves) and also how to associate sounds with channels on the Korg M50, and how to associate the corresponding MIDI channels to particular section of the Korg M50

MuseScore doesn't provide controls over this, but your Korg should, if needed. In principle, it shouldn't be necessary, though. MuseScore will output each instrument to a different MIDI channeland should issue program changes messages as necessary according to the General MIDI standard. So everything should just work, assuming your device is General MIDI compatibile. Since you mention it working with only one instrument, so presumably the M50 is capable of receiving the input from MuseScore. I guess maybe there might be a setting on the somewhere to control if it is "single", "multi", or "omni" mode - you want "multi" if so.

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