how to "nudge" note left/right a bit

• Oct 3, 2018 - 19:20

In ver 2.0.2 I am trying to nudge a dbl note to left or right a bit and get stem to follow.
I know how to do so for a single note (hightlight note, hit CTL E, use arrow key, click anywhere else) and the stem follows.
But I can't make it work for two notes on one stem (a dbl stop in guitar parlance).
I tried one at a time, and both highlighted together.

Can it be done?

Dick Penny


Yes, using the "Chord" offset in the Inspector is the way to go. If you continue to have problems, please atach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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Look at Shoichi's screenshot above. The "Chord" section is right below "Segment", towards the top of the window, once you select any note. Although it's not really clear which note you are trying to move or why - the default spacing appears exactly as it should to me - although the spacing is a bit uneven as a result of the "stretch" adjustments you applied (looks better if you reset those).

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