sostenuto playback

• Oct 4, 2018 - 18:26

When I play back a piano selection using the forward arrow playback function, it gives a jerky sound. If I were actually playing it on the piano, I would use the sostenuto pedal and it would play smoothly. How do I get this effect on a normal playback without writing in the curve for the whole piece?


Do you really mean the sostenuto pedal - the middle pedal on grands only? Or maybe you mean the damper pedal? If so, the symbol for that is found on the Lines palette. You need to write it in just like you need to write in notes - MuseScore has no way of knowing if you want something unless you actually add it. You can always make them invisible by pressing "V" if you trust the human performers to decide for themselves how/when to apply the damper pedal.

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