Guitar Fingering notation ?

• Oct 7, 2018 - 21:06

What is the right way
1) to get different letters for guitar right-hand fingerings as opposed to editing each item?
2) to get notation attached to notes on TAB staff rather than treble staff?
3) to have the notation positioned relative to staff line rather than a note?

Dick Penny


If by different letters you mean, something other than the standard PIMA notation, you would indeed need to edit the text. But you could then save the result to custom palette as described in the "Custom palette" section of the Handbook.

To get fingerings to appear in a tab staff, right click the staff, Staff Properties, Advanced Style Properties, and enable fingering there. Not quite sure what you mean by #3, but if you are saying you want the fingerings to appear above/below the staff rather than next to the note, probably better to just use staff text.

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