Piano Clefs Volume

• Nov 5, 2018 - 02:50

I suggest on piano, being able to control the volume of the different clefs, instead of one volume for both clefs.

E.g. :

Think of the two words as volumes for treble and bass clefs (Sorry I can't control the size of "piano").




You can. Just add the desired dynamics to each staff, and use the Inspector (View / Inspector) to set the range of each to Staff rather than the default Part. Just take care to be consistent about how you do this.

What i usually do is, go to instruments, add a second piano, copy the entire bass staff I had and paste it in the new empty one. Then I go back to instruments and remove the staves I'm not using, the bass of one of the pianos and the treble of the other. That way you have each staff as an individual instrument in the mixer and you can fiddle with the volumes (and pan!) as much as you like, and even better, use a different soundfont for each hand, which is useful notoriously often.

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